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The ACHI brings together experts from different research schools within the humanities. Over the past five years, the ACHI has established itself as a unique, interdisciplinary center for the study of cultural heritage and identity. The research output of its members is substantial and of excellent quality.

The programmatic approach of the RPA has enabled advanced students, junior researchers and PhD candidates to start publishing early in their career, and turn project research into academic publications, under the supervision of senior staff members.

The research output of ACHI members is officially recognised by awards and prizes by peers. In addition, the excellence of the work of ACHI researchers is underlined by their success at obtaining research funding in highly competitive schemes (NWO Innovational Research Incentives Scheme; H2020 Excellent Science program), their memberships of editorial boards, scientific organizations (such as the DARIAH European Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities) and (international) PhD committees, as well as invitations for keynote lectures at conferences, workshops and event all around the world.