Amsterdam Centre for Cultural Heritage and Identity

Global Heritage

Participants focus on the global dimension of cultural production in the Low Countries and on the Dutch Republic’s global reputation.

This scholarship will in turn shed new light on the shaping of Dutch identities during a seminal period of the United Provinces’ history. Here it will be possible to depend on the strong international network of Amsterdam’s heritage institutions, including the UvA Special Collections, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam Museum, and National Maritime Museum and collaborate with their existing partners.

Strengthening this line of research will enable the UvA programs to engage with current histories of ‘global heritage’ and their relevance for present-day issues. This will be an important step towards a Dutch engagement with Postcolonial Studies and issues such as slavery which, in contrast to the English-speaking world, have as yet been underrepresented in academic curricula. 

23 January 2014