Amsterdam Centre for Cultural Heritage and Identity

Digital Heritage: Reuse

After the initial emphasis on digitizing heritage collections and developing access infrastructures, the challenge is to find new uses and users.

Participants actively engage with Amsterdam’s creative industries, where serious gaming and augmented reality provide new ways to represent the past in the digital world. For example, the ACHI’s own research database of Amsterdam’s Golden Age will be used to virtually augment the UNESCO World Heritage cityscape of the Dutch capital’s historical center.

At the same time, participants investigate how these new forms of access impact the way we engage with and experience the cultural past. The existence of comprehensive and easily accessible digital heritage collections invites a broadening of traditional humanities research: rather than developing questions from a specific disciplinary tradition, digital heritage collections challenge scholars to identify new problems, such as how to interpret the results of data mining. How do these questions relate to traditional problems explored by the humanities?

Besides, the projects provide methodological reflection on the use of digital methods in heritage studies and on the kind of knowledge they yield.

23 January 2014