Amsterdam Centre for Cultural Heritage and Identity

Conservation and Display: Perceptual Trajectories

Every decision by a collector, restorer, or curator not only affects an object’s physical trajectory but also adds a new layer to the work’s ‘cultural biography’.

Understanding the full impact of these decisions therefore requires wide-ranging study, from the reconstruction of an object’s original social-cultural role to the history of trade and collecting, museum studies, memory studies, and aesthetics.

The ACHI fosters collaborative research into all aspects of the life cultural trajectories of objects when documented, stored, conserved, exhibited, discussed, remembered, or forgotten. It analyses the pressures from colliding forces such as manufacturers, traders, institutions, exhibitions, and the contending perspectives of historical actors, past and present spectators, curators, restorers, and the scientists themselves.

Furthermore, issues of authenticity and ownership will be explored. Cross-pollinations with the other domains, regarding the impact of conflict on material heritage and the impact of digitization on strategies for documenting and examining material heritage, are obvious.

23 January 2014