Amsterdam Centre for Cultural Heritage and Identity

4D Research Lab

The 4D Research Lab is located within the Department of Archaeology and contributes to The Amsterdam Center for Digital Humanities and the Digital Heritage Lab. The Lab facilitates researchers from different disciplines in the Humanities who have specific spatial and architectural i.e. three dimensional questions that cannot be answered with traditional methods, nor have the knowledge of 3D modeling programs and computing facilities. The Lab offers these computers and computational specialists to support the analysis of transformations in the built environment. The 4D Research Lab has an accurate 3D scanner (David SLS-1) at its disposal.


3D Modeling is increasingly becoming an essential research tool. The usage of 3D reconstructions during the research into built environments offers new insights and a new approach for analyzing data. The many perspectives on the actual building itself, i.e. the spatial context, and the possibility of visualizing the architectural phases through time (the ‘4D’ element), makes 3D modeling an innovative tool for the specialist. The path that leads to the final reconstruction of the building is documented and this documentation generates a vast amount of new data otherwise never encountered. 3D Reconstructions offer a virtual world where various kinds of experiments can be conducted by scientist form the Humanities. In addition, this technology contributes to present the new knowledge to a wider public in the form of websites, virtual and augmented reality worlds and applications.

The Digital Heritage Lab  facilitates  research in the 4D Lab, part and parcel of the ACHI. The 4D research Lab aims to bring together researchers from various disciplines within the Faculty of the Humanities of the University of Amsterdam to explore the use of 3D as a research tool.

Published by  Amsterdam Centre for Cultural Heritage and Identity

25 October 2017